New Zealand

As we approach Waitangi Day, it's worth considering that New Zealanders are not (contrary to popular belief) uniquely plagued by self-doubt

As an Australian migrant to New Zealand, one thing that still surprises me is the commonly-held belief here that Australians have a self-confident sense of nationhood, while Kiwis are full of angst and self-doubt.

David Young is happier even than Sue Bradford and Deborah Coddington were to leave parliament. More satisfied than Nicky Hager was when Don Brash stepped down. He is chirpier even than… Tim Watkin.

I left my job at TVNZ eighteen months ago to move to Denmark. It was not such a culture shock: just like New Zealand’s state broadcaster these days, Denmark is mainly occupied by beautiful blondes.

Recent events have caused the government's popularity to increase, and Labour's popularity to fall. These short-term moves mask a longer period of consolidation that  also helps the government.

After something of a hiatus, Pundit is pleased to again be offering its Poll of Polls. We will update things about once a month until either: (a) something exciting happens in the polls; or, perhaps more likely, (b) the 2011 election campaign starts.

A lovely bit of writing that I had a little hand in creating... brilliant historian Simon Schama warns against New Zealand committing a national 'suicide'

Just had to share this lovely piece with you. A friend from the US forwarded me the link having heard it on the BBC World Service. (Thanks Keith!)... Simon Schama on New Zealand via Q+A, when we had him on the programme during his recent visit for the International Arts Festival. It's a must-read.

Why should we bother trying to catch up to Australia when we can just become Australia?

On the back of a UMR poll indicating that only a minority of respondents believe it is even worth debating a union between New Zealand and Australia, let alone actually support such a step occurring, Sir Don McKinnon went on TVNZ's Q+A programme and declared this development to be