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Italy debt

Italian bond yields have risen above the critical seven percent mark. So where does this leave Italy and what can the rest of Europe do?

I don't think the CNBC team in Rome would mind me telling you that they're knackered. (A bit like Roman politics? - Ed).

Berlusconi wins budget vote but loses majority; Italian PM meets with ministers as allies urge him to resign; Bonds hit new high; Australia set to get carbon tax; US to use APEC to pressure China on yuan; Syrian forces enter Hama; Syrian protesters call for intervention in Hom "disaster area"; and more

Top of the Agenda: Pressure Mounts on Berlusconi After Losing Majority

Credit ratings agencies threaten to downgrade US from AAA status; Republicans clash with Obama and each other over debt ceiling (+ analysis); China overtaking US as superpower; Italy plans US$67 billion in cuts to calm debt worries; At least 21 killed in more Mumbai bombings; Singapore's economy shrinks; and more

Top of the Agenda: Raters Threaten US Downgrade

Euro debt crisis expands: Ireland debt downgraded to junk, fears for Italy as bond yields rise, and Eurozone officials plan emergency summit for Greece (+ analysis); China's growth slows; Pakistan spy chief heads to Washington after US cuts off aid; Thousands flee Nigerian city after religious violence; and more

Top of the Agenda: Ireland Downgraded to Junk, Debt Contagion Fears Rise