free speech

Sometimes being in favour of free speech means having to really grit your teeth and hold your nose.

Given that this is going to be a post on free speech issues, I should begin by saying that on the whole, in the round, all things considered, it is not "a good thing" for a blogger who puts up a deeply offensive, callous and hurtful post to receive death threats as a result.

Should John Tamihere and Willy Jackson get forced off the air? An anguished liberal wrings his hands.

The whole Auckland rape ring (or, just perhaps (but I doubt it), fantasist Auckland rape ring) issue is like some giant chaos theory simulation, where a hurricane in the lives of some predated upon women in one place produces a butterfly's wing beat in the Radio Live broadcast studi

Does the right to free speech extend to shouting at a woman to take off her burqa in a supermarket? If not, why not?

We (where "we" are nice liberal folks who share in the positive values of tolerance and respect for others) like to think New Zealand has become a more diverse society, in which people have become much more accepting of difference and display greater willingness to live with the life choices of others.

Multiculturalism. Same sex marriage. Legalisation of prostitution. And so on.

Who says sport, politics and literature can't mix?

Back in my undergraduate days at Otago, I took a political studies degree. One of my lecturers then was Anthony (Tony) Wood; a true legend of the field.

Do you believe in an interventionist God? Well, don't say so ... in case you offend people.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently ruled that a church’s billboard stating “Jesus Heals Cancer” was in breach of the Advertising Code of Ethics. The Equippers Church billboard was found to be offensive, misleading and social irresponsible.